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As a destination-focused incoming agency, we are committed to offering trips that combine tourist discovery with respect for the environment and local communities. We are convinced that tourism can be a positive force for the destinations we offer, provided that it is practised in a responsible and sustainable manner. With this in mind, our mission is to make our travellers aware of local realities and to offer them more ethical travel practices, by working with local partners who share our values. We are proud to recommend services that are more respectful of the environment and communities, and to offer tailor-made trips that enable our customers to discover South-East Asia while preserving it for future generations.


A more committed offer

Our travel offer is the result of on-the-ground scouting, which enables us to remain constantly in tune with local realities. We maintain long-term relationships with trusted local suppliers, enabling us to constantly evolve our practices and offerings.

Our French-speaking guides are passionate locals who share their culture and know-how while respecting the places they visit and meeting the expectations of French travellers. We have selected typical addresses on a human scale, which guarantee a fair distribution of income between the local players.

We offer private or small-group services for a more human approach to the sites we visit, allowing you to take the time to appreciate the places without suffering the negative effects of mass tourism. Finally, we offer off-season rates to avoid the peaks in visitor numbers associated with the seasonal nature of tourism, and thus contribute to a more sustainable tourism practice that respects the environment and local communities.

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Raising awareness before and during your trip

Our expert travel advisors are on hand to help you better understand the local way of life and adopt a respectful attitude during your trip.


 We also recommend places and activities that have a positive impact on local communities, such as community tourism, unspoilt natural sites and off-the-beaten-track discoveries.

What's more, before you leave, we'll add to our list of recommendations to give you the keys to getting the most out of the country you're visiting.


 Our aim is to offer you an authentic and responsible travel experience that respects both the environment and the local people.


Giving to receive

At JS TRAVEL, we offer our employees optimal working conditions that encourage autonomy and flexibility. We offer monthly in-house training courses to encourage our employees' professional development. We also organise an annual creative and active team-building day, as well as team-building roadshows and content for our social networks.

We carry out regular surveys to assess the well-being of our team and suggest areas for improvement in all areas. And of course, we offer our staff the chance to travel regularly to the destinations we propose, so that they can immerse themselves in the local culture and improve their expertise.


Trips where you take your time


  • Opt for Slow Travel and take your time, with a minimum of 14 days for journeys further afield (> a 6-hour flight). Plan a minimum stay of 3 nights at each stopover. Limit the number of domestic flights and concentrate on 2 or 3 regions.


  • Encourage soft modes of transport such as trains, collective shuttles, local buses, electric vehicles (if available) as well as walking, cycling, kayaking or horse riding.


  • Favour low or mid-season to avoid mass tourism and help protect the environment and local economies.


  • Choose traditional accommodation, such as guest houses, homestays or eco-responsible establishments for a more authentic immersion experience.

  • Opt for activities linked to nature (ecotourism, nature parks, reserves) and local communities (meetings with local people, cookery classes, initiation into traditional local practices).

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Nature trips

To recharge your batteries in the heart of nature, we encourage outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling. We also offer the chance to discover ecosystems with experts who take care to protect animals and the environment.


When it comes to accommodation, we recommend establishments that take an ecological approach by conserving resources, limiting and recycling waste, and blending harmoniously into the natural environment.


These establishments often offer activities close to the locals or nature for an immersive experience.

Unique encounters

Encourage encounters with local people by choosing to stay in their homes, so that you can share moments that are beneficial for everyone.


Practice community tourism to discover local life through respectful, non-folkloric activities.


Opt for passionate guides to discover the country from a local and authentic angle.


Take the time to wander, get lost and enjoy unexpected experiences to discover the destination in an authentic way.


If you would like to take part in solidarity tourism projects, contact our experts and mention Step Asia.


Tailor-made trips created with passion! At JS TRAVEL, we celebrate diversity and creativity. No standard prices, because each trip is a unique work of art, tailor-made for you. With us, discover tailor-made itineraries, carefully crafted to offer unforgettable adventures.


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